Hach DPD ProDPD Pro is a breakthrough prsmaller-black-mark-certified-to-nsf-ansi-standard-50-box-transparent-bkgdoduct developed specifically for the commercial pool and spa market. Among public pool operators surveyed, it’s clear that a faster and easier DPD testing method is desired.

DPD Pro offers the convenience of seven key parameters in 2 multi-way test strips conveniently packaged in a sturdy test kit. The color chart included in the kit is durable – both UV and water resistant – so it will withstand normal use over an extended period of time.

Test strip refills for the kit are available. Kits and refills are sold in packs of six.

DPD Pro – Pack of 6 Kits
Product# 2657000

DPD Pro – Pack of 6 Test Strip Bottles TC/FC/pH
Product# 562701

DPD Pro – Pack of 6 Test Strip Bottles LRTH/HRTH/CYA/TA
Product# 562801