Health Officials

dpd-cardsmaller-black-mark-certified-to-nsf-ansi-standard-50-box-transparent-bkgdMaintaining a public pool or spa has long required accurate testing with a complicated DPD liquid test kit or instrumentation. Not every individual maintaining a public pool has the knowledge, proper technique or maintenance habits that these test methods require. And, until now, there hasn’t been an easier test method that meets regulations.

DPD Pro strips offer a simplified way to test pool water, making it easier for everyone to get testing right – just dip, read and log results for 7 key chemistries. Extended ranges for chemistries also give end-users a better perspective when it comes to overall pool chemistry:

  • Extended testing range from 0-20ppm for chlorine allows users to test chlorine levels without dilution, and without risk of bleaching out at levels above 20ppm
  • Extended testing range for pH: 6.2 – 8.4
  • Extended testing range for cyanuric acid (stabilizer): 0-300ppm

The DPD Pro app also lets users log and export test results from Apple and Android mobile devices. When temperature, hardness, pH and alkalinity are included in the test report, a Saturation Index value will be calculated automatically.