Pool Operators



Forget the days of testing with cumbersome and time-consuming liquids – DPD Pro simplifies testing and makes logging results easy!

Get results for 7 key parameters in less than two minutes. Instant side-by-side test results for free and total chlorine make it easy to determine if combined chlorine is present.

The free mobile app offers a convenient method of logging and tracking test results. You can even export test results for advanced analysis and graphing test results over time, making it easier to identify pools or spas that need extra attention.

Still not sure if DPD Pro is right for you? The most critical parameters in this kit have been Certified by NSF: Free Chlorine and pH. The NSF mark is widely recognized by pool professionals and health officials alike.

Gone are the days of counting – and recounting – drops. Just dip, read and log results. Simplify testing at your facility with DPD Pro!